Implicit Link Names

Már Örlygsson mar at
Tue Mar 30 20:06:02 EST 2004

John Gruber:
> I think the odds of accidental triggering are very low, because
> you'd have to define a link with that text. And even if you *did*
> trigger it by accident, I think most people would think it's a
> reasonable thing.

...furthermore, you can always correct the accident by either escaping your
editorial note with a backslash like this:

    Condi said, "\[The President] loves his job."

...or by simply giving your implicit "The President" links elsewhere in the
text an explicit name like this:

    I think [The President][1] tells bad jokes.
	Blah blah blah.

Having given it a bit more thought, I really like the idea of [implicit
links] without empty brackets.  The simplified syntax will prove useful most
of the time, and in those rare cases when it clashes with '[ed. notes]' the
problem can easily be fixed.

+1 !

Már Örlygsson
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