Writing complete pages

shuriken bf8velb02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Oct 7 21:11:00 EDT 2004

Speaking of Python, I recently found a nice little app when hacking together
a quick documentation page. The main feature it gave me that I missed from
Markdown was automatic Table of Contents generation from headings. Of
course, while using it I wished for Markdown syntax but anyway..

It's http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net (I hope nobody considers this spam)

If you try it, be warned: 'html' generation is awful. Generate xhtml and
save as .html with '%!options(xhtml): --outfile=mypage.html'.

I agree that Markdown itself should not be contaminated by functions like
full-page or ToC generation but wrapper or module implementations would make
MD useful to a lot more people. It seems there will always be confusion
about how to prioritise the interactions of such scripts unless there's some
coordination or guidance.

For example, if plugins (for want of a better word) were required by
convention to leave certain commented markers showing what kind of input
they had manipulated, it would probably help other plugins further down the
chain. At the end of processing, the output could be stripped of these
comments for final presentation.


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> Since I have never got to grips with Perl and am now in the process
> of learning Python (my first Object Oriented Language) I will probably
> switch to a Python version at some point - but the important thing is
> that the Markdown syntax remains stable. The last thing we need is
> for Markdown to suffer the same fate as HTML and morph from something
> useful into an impossibly bloated monstrosity.

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