Markdown-discuss Digest, Vol 12, Issue 7

Matt Simpson mcsimpson at
Tue Oct 19 23:38:01 EDT 2004


I think you might be misunderstanding.  I am interested in there being 
a way for Markdown tags to include a class or id.

So the image tag you make right now is

![image](foo.jpg "optional title")

which outputs

<img src="foo.jpg" alt="image" title="optional title" />

I want a way to add a class to that within the Markdown syntax.  So the 
resulting output would be

<img src="foo.jpg" alt="image" title="optional title" class="foo_class" 

I've no good suggestions on how to implement something like this but I 
had been told at one point it was in plans for the future, and was 
wondering what the progress was.



On Oct 16, 2004, at 9:00 AM, markdown-discuss-request at 

> maybe you could use an alternate syntax? like
> #divname h2 { }
> #divname img { }
> in the meantime?
> - b
>> Hello,
>> I was just wondering what the progress is on Markdown having some way
>> on including classes and ids in tags?

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