Proposed table syntax

Shaun Inman markdown at
Wed Oct 20 11:23:23 EDT 2004

I was formatting some plain text today for internal documentation at work
and realized that I have a pretty regular format when it comes to
presenting tabular data as plain text. I'm not suggesting (or demanding)
that you implemented it, just throwing it out there.

Here's a simple two column, table heads on the left:

	Label One......:	Some data
	Label Two......:	Additional data
	Label Three....:	More data

Then there's a table with table heads across the top row:

	First Name		Last Name		URL
	Jeffrey			Zeldman
	John			Gruber
	Joshua			Davis

I think both could be easily sniffed out by a regexp--maybe not by myself
but for someone with John's talent...hehe--and follow Markdown's "looks
like what it is" philosophy. The only potential problem is the tabbed
indent conflicting with the existing code block syntax (something that I
wouldn't even suggest sacrificing).

Any thoughts or are plans already in the works for something like this?



Shaun Inman

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