Modular/Packaging Suggestion

Mark Lawrence nomad at
Tue Aug 30 07:27:02 EDT 2005

Hi there,

First up, great work on Markdown. It seems clear and easy format to use.
So much so in fact that I wanted to integrate it into my (home-built) blog
which also happens to be written in Perl.

However, as a Perl hacker I would much rather have a module interface to
such text filtering rather than Markdown's current script-based interface.

So I went ahead and 'modularised' Markdown into Text::Markdown and a
'markdown' script that uses Text::Markdown to do the work, and adjusted
the POD documentation for each accordingly.

I also added associated inc::Module::Install (replacement for
Extutils::MakeMaker), Makefile.PL, and test files which make the
installation a cross-platform and painless process. Not to mention the
'make dist' target which packages things nicely for distribution.

The distribution (produced as a suggestion only) is available from here:

By the way, this format (apart from looking nicely professional and
similar to most other Perl packages) is suitable for uploading to CPAN,
which can then be 'depended' on by other applications for automatic
installation with 'cpan -i'...

It is also a better format for making debian packages with dh-make-perl.

I didn't do the Bloxsom, or MT integration, as I have no idea how they
could/should be better integrated with a modular Markdown. Maybe you
would just put that code back into bin/markdown...

Anyhow, hope that this is useful.

Mark Lawrence

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