Modular/Packaging Suggestion

Mark Lawrence lawrence at
Tue Aug 30 11:49:30 EDT 2005

I feel as though I have just wandered into a Heinlein time travel
story. Just yesterday, I (the original Mark Lawrence) stripped the
blosxom, Movable Type, and command line stuff from to
create a file for `use`ing in a larger HTML filter
script. Today, I (still the original Mark Lawrence) looked at my
email and found this message from another Mark Lawrence (with a
suspicious address--an indication of a visitor [nomad] from
another dimension?) who has done a similar, albeit more thorough, job
of modularizing Markdown. The vertigo is so strong I can't bring
myself to follow his links.

(the original) Mark Lawrence

On Aug 30, 2005, at 6:27 AM, Mark Lawrence wrote:


> First up, great work on Markdown. It seems clear and easy format to

> use.

> So much so in fact that I wanted to integrate it into my (home-

> built) blog

> which also happens to be written in Perl.


> However, as a Perl hacker I would much rather have a module

> interface to

> such text filtering rather than Markdown's current script-based

> interface.


> So I went ahead and 'modularised' Markdown into Text::Markdown and a

> 'markdown' script that uses Text::Markdown to do the work, and

> adjusted

> the POD documentation for each accordingly.


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