Adding additional output formats for Markdown?

Fletcher T. Penney fletcher at
Tue Jul 26 20:27:21 EDT 2005

It's not ready for primetime, but I began hacking the
file to allow flexibility with output formats. Basically, there are
a bunch of globals like `$g_paragraph_prefix`, `$g_paragraph_suffix`,
etc. to allow a config file to be used to create an output format.

I am still working with it, but have tested it with XHTML and LaTex
(the two formats I want first). Also, I have built in a template
system, so that you can have a LaTex (or whatever) template for an
article, a book, a letter, etc. The same could be used to convert a
markdown file to a complete web page, complete with headers, css
ref's, etc. (I have examples of both of these on my site)

Also, I added a metadata feature to allow you to include metadata at
the beginning of the file, that could be used in format-specific
ways. I tried to stick with the Markdown philosophy of looking like
an email/plain text...

For example:

Title: A Sample File
Authors: Fletcher T. Penney
John Doe
Copyright: 2005 Fletcher T. Penney

This would be at the beginning of the file, and is stripped out
before processing the actual Markdown text. The data is placed into
hashes which can be used by the formatting system in whatever way you

For more info, and to see some examples, check out my web site;

There are links to a sample MultiMarkdown file, as well as the html
and pdf versions of it's output.

Please let me know what you think. (Also, John (and anybody else) if
I have incorrectly used any code, or stepped on toes - please let me



Fletcher T. Penney
fletcher at

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