[ANN] Markdown 1.0.2b2

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Sun Mar 27 00:09:25 EST 2005



Changes from 1.0.2b1:

+   Fix for nested sub-lists in list-paragraph mode. Previously we got
    a spurious extra level of `<p>` tags for something like this:
        *   this
            *   sub
+   Experimental support for [this] as a synonym for [this][].

The code to support the new link shortcut syntax will need to
improve before 1.0.2 ships, as mentioned in the "[Link] shortcut"
thread last week.

There is a new archive of test files here:


* * *

I was bitten by this bug today:

    *   this
        *   sub

Markdown was producing this:

Note the extra `<p>` tags around the last group of lines.

I can't believe this didn't turn up until today. Or that I somehow
managed to ignore any previous reports about it.


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