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"Gee Starr" writes:

> >>> It is evident that the special rule set to disregard some

> >>> internal underscores is necessary. The simple underscore-emphasis

> >>> rule clearly violates the maxime that syntax should be designed

> >>>so that people don?€?t trigger it accidentally. Even you got snared

> >>> by it.


> >> Not for the first time, either. Thanks for pointing it out.


> > I propose a new design principle:

> > If it snags John Gruber, it's got to go.


> FWIW: This is by a long shot the most frequent complaint I encounter from

> users on several MarkDown implementations (one discussion board, two

> min-CMSs). It is particularly confusing to beginners or casual web users

> who are proud to have even learned how to copy a URL out of a location

> bar. :-)

+1! I'm on a private forum which introduced Markdown as an alternative
markup format recently, and I'd say a good 95% of the swearing-at-Markdown
is all down to this single feature. *

In my opinion, emphasis inside a word is very rare, and can be taken
care of with some raw HTML: "emph<em>a</em>sis"

(I'd be happy to code up a patch, if that'd help, btw.)

(*: the other 5% is people forgetting if one should use [foo](bar) or
(foo)[bar] to make a link. ;)

- --j.
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