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Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Mon Oct 9 13:12:07 EDT 2006

Le 9 oct. 2006 à 12:14, Robert Ullrey a écrit :

> Just to let everyone know, markdown now has it’s own official file

> extension; “mdml”.


> <>

That's the first time I see that extension.

If I were to invent an unambiguous extension, I'd probably base it on
the words "Markdown-Formatted Text" or more simply "Markdown Text"
instead of the words "Markdown Markup Language" which just seems
strange. For instance, a file finishing with ".mdtext" would seem
more inviting to read to me than ".mdml" or even just ".md" or
".markdown", especially if I didn't know what Markdown is as I can
easily guess from the extension that it contains some kind of text.

Michel Fortin
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