Block quotes with a blank line between them get merged

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Thu Oct 19 21:28:20 EDT 2006

* Jacob Rus <jrus at> [2006-10-20 00:10]:

> I think that John's objection that this is not visible enough

> is not a strong enough reason to change the syntax to something

> that in the majority of cases is worse […] In fact, we use

> [spaces] to denote hard line breaks (something which I quite

> like, though maybe it's not visible enough anymore? :p).

John already said the hard break syntax is the exception that
proves the rule.

> Finally, this is only a problem at all when editing with

> a naïve text editor. Just as we shouldn't necessarily cater to

> those limited to little web form boxes, we also shouldn't

> change this syntax just for the sake of those using inferior

> editors.

Editors with smart autoindenting support generally make it *more*
annoying to work with whitespace-only lines, not less. Which is
a feature.

Besides what Michael already said about noone wanting to change
the syntax.

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