Markdown comments

Jacob Rus jrus at
Mon Sep 18 19:05:53 EDT 2006

John Gruber wrote:

> The other side of the coin is that Markdown is not an XML nanny.

> There's an assumption with Markdown's handing of inline HTML tags

> that it is up to you, the author, to use raw HTML in a well-formed

> way.


> Markdown's raw HTML support is garbage-in, garbage-out.


> I think this tenet has served Markdown well, and if we apply this

> logic to comments, I think one could make the argument that the

> rule should be "Use XML commenting rules" and leave it up to the

> author not to include "--" if they care about XML compatibility.


Let's please stick to this philosophy, and not complicate matters. If
authors can't handle -- inside comments, and the browser chokes, it is
most certainly not markdown's fault, and any change we make here to
original comments (at least of those i've seen) will be confusing and
non-reversible. If markdown wants to add its own comment mechanism,
separately from HTML, I would be maybe willing to support that, but
mucking around inside HTML's comments seems beyond Markdown's mission.


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