Markdown comments

John Gruber gruber at
Tue Sep 19 10:52:45 EDT 2006

Jacob Rus <jrus at> wrote on 9/18/06 at 7:05 PM:

> Let's please stick to this philosophy, and not complicate matters. If

> authors can't handle -- inside comments, and the browser chokes, it is

> most certainly not markdown's fault, and any change we make here to

> original comments (at least of those i've seen) will be confusing and

> non-reversible.

This is how I'm leaning. Because Markdown won't fix other invalid XML constructs, either -- i.e. invalid XML constructs *outside* comments.

So, anyone who wants to pass untrusted Markdown-generated XHTML
through a validating XML parser is going to have to do their own
sanity checking/cleanup pass anyway, and fixing "__" strings in
comments will be the least of their potential problems.


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