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Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Sep 21 09:57:25 EDT 2006

Le 20 sept. 2006 à 17:56, Adam McMaster a écrit :

> I've found a workaround for this bug, but have also encountered a new

> one. Placing a HTML comment after the footnote definition fixes the

> first problem. Now I've found that placing a footnote inside a list

> causes them to be numbered out of order. E.g.:



> This is the first paragraph.[^first]


> [^first]: This is the first note.


> <!-- footnote fix -->


> * List item one.[^second]

> * List item two.[^third]


> [^second]: This is the second note.

> [^third]: This is the third note.

Indeed, there is a problem with numbering.

I changed the way footnotes are numbered just before release.
Previously they where numbered in the order they were defined instead
of the order they were appearing in the text. It seems that I forgot
to take into account that Markdown doesn't parse the document
linearly when making that change.

I'm going to fix this, and some other issues noted on this list,
*right now*.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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