Bug: Code block after list

Lou Quillio public at quillio.com
Sat Aug 4 07:46:17 EDT 2007

Michel Fortin wrote:

> it is necessary to interpret indented content after a list item as the

> continuation of the content of that particular item.

Ack! Of course. Didn't see it because my actual case is a lot more

Less-liberal list indenting would be bad, so the only solution is to
insert _something_, and an HTML comment is the most innocuous thing.
Okay. I get it.

I wonder if an **optional**, explicit delimiter for code blocks
would be so bad. The four-space indent is fine, but it's not
_great_. It sometimes feels ... fragile.

When composing email I nearly always bracket a code block with some
kind of visual line, top and bottom.

I am preformatted {
don't interpret me;

Everything in here is to be
taken ****literally****.

Block start, block end. No guessing.


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