Bug: Code block after list

Lou Quillio public at quillio.com
Sat Aug 4 09:31:50 EDT 2007

Michel Fortin wrote:

> Yeah. That's pretty much exactly what I proposed last year:

> <http://six.pairlist.net/pipermail/markdown-discuss/2006-October/000349.html>

Ahh, forgot that. +1, then.

> Also, did anyone notice the syntax John used in this email to denote

> code examples?

> <http://six.pairlist.net/pipermail/markdown-discuss/2007-July/000688.html>

Everybody does it, because everybody needs it. ;)

I've personally drunk a lot of Markdown Kool-Aid, but I think the
list-continuation -> code block conflict is only an edge case to

The problem is that the indented code block syntax -- while a nice
bit of magic -- is too flimsy in too many cases. List continuation
is an example of that weakness, not a reminder that "you can't have

I think the need for a second, unambiguous code block syntax won't
go away.


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