Benchmarks with TextMate's manual

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Tue Aug 28 15:29:05 EDT 2007

Le 2007-08-28 à 13:43, John Fraser a écrit :

> That's great news! I think your numbers show that my claim that

> can be made "five to ten times faster with a few hours of

> work" is actually pretty conservative.


I'm not quite sure what's the culprit in, although I
suspect the overuse of the HTML block parser to hash Markdown-
generated markup is part of it. That's one thing I've removed in the
many architectural changes PHP Markdown passed through since version

Today I only fixed an issue in some part of *my* code, a part that
doesn't even exist in I'm pretty confident that porting
my architectural changes to would improve it a lot, both
in terms of speed and for squashing bugs. If anyone wants to do it,
you can ask me for directions.

> For comparison, I'd be interested to hear how long 1.0.2b8

> takes to process the fixed TextMate manual on your computer.

Sure. 49 seconds (for the 176 Kb document). Oh, and parsing the
double-sized document (352 Kb) took 289 seconds (almost 5 minutes!).
That's clearly not linear.

Michel Fortin
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