Markdown, SmartyPants and Wordpress?

Michael Himsolt michaelhimsolt at
Thu Aug 30 02:09:47 EDT 2007

Am 30.08.2007 um 07:18 schrieb Robert Dumas:

> 1) My "links" entries (automated posts from are in

> HTML format. My written entries are in Markdown. Can I specify a

> default (say, HTML) and then make an individual post (i.e., when I

> start a written entry) Markdown?

Wordpress cannot change formatting on a per-post basis, thats a
global setting (maybe there is a plugin for that). However, the good
news is that you should not need this, because Markdown is designed
to leave HTML formatted code intact and not apply its own formatting it.

I have not used this with, but I had a Wordpress blog
where I needed special formatting in some entries. So I wrote these
entries in HTML, and all the other ones in Markdown. In my case, this
worked really well.

> 2) Is SmartyPants or an analog available for WP?

I got that from the same source as the markdown plugin:

Michael Himsolt

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