Markdown, SmartyPants and Wordpress?

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Fri Aug 31 14:15:41 EDT 2007

Le 2007-08-30 à 1:18, Robert Dumas a écrit :

> 1) My "links" entries (automated posts from are in

> HTML format. My written entries are in Markdown. Can I specify a

> default (say, HTML) and then make an individual post (i.e., when I

> start a written entry) Markdown?

There is a plugin somewhere (I can't remember the name right now)
which allows entries to have different formatters on a per-post
basis. But I'm not sure it's well maintained.

Markdown, and especially the latest releases of PHP Markdown are
really great at handling HTML. As Michael Himsolt suggested, I think
you should give it a try, I'd be surprised if you have any problem
with it.

> 2) Is SmartyPants or an analog available for WP?


> 3) What is the difference between PHP Markdown and PHP Markdown Extra?

Basically, Extra adds interesting features for mixing Markdown within
HTML blocks, a syntax for simple tables, definition lists, footnotes,
automatic abbreviations, and a revised rule for underscore emphasis
so that it only work on word boundaries. All the details are here:


On the other hand, you should take note that Extra is a little bit

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