ANN: PHP Markdown 1.0.1f & Extra 1.1.2

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Wed Feb 7 18:17:05 EST 2007

This is a new bug-fix release for PHP Markdown and its Extra
compagnon. Download it from here:


Changes in PHP Markdown:

* Fixed an issue with WordPress where manually-entered excerpts, but
not the auto-generated ones, would contain nested paragraphs.

* Fixed an issue introduced in 1.0.1d where headers and blockquotes
preceded too closely by a paragraph (not separated by a blank line)
where incorrectly put inside the paragraph.

* Fixed an issue introduced in 1.0.1d in the tokenizeHTML method where
two consecutive code spans would be merged into one when
together they
form a valid tag in a multiline paragraph.

* Fixed an long-prevailing issue where blank lines in code blocks
be doubled when the code block is in a list item.

This was due to the list processing functions relying on
doubled blank lines to correctly determine when list items should
contain block-level content. The list item processing model was
changed to avoid the need for double blank lines.

* Fixed an issue with `<% asp-style %>` instructions used as inline
content where the opening `<` was encoded as `&lt;`.

* Fixed a parse error occuring when PHP is configured to accept
ASP-style delimiters as boundaries for PHP scripts.

* Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.1d where underscores in automatic
got swapped with emphasis tags.

Changes specific to PHP Markdown Extra:

* Fixed an issue where headers preceded too closely by a paragraph
(with no blank line separating them) where put inside the

* Added the missing TextileRestricted method that was added to regular
PHP Markdown since 1.0.1d but which I forgot to add to Extra.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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