Markdown and Wikis

Jan Erik Moström lists at
Tue Feb 20 09:31:46 EST 2007

I would like to have a wiki that uses Markdown as the markup
language (or something very close), I've currently used PmWiki
and I really like it but there are some problems with using
Markdown so I'm interested to see if there is an alternative
that works better for me.

I've looked at wiki matrix and searched for and found the
following list

bitweaver, DekiWiki, DokuWiki, Friki, Instiki, Midgard Wiki,
Oddmuse, Pimki, PmWiki, Socialtext, StikiPad, VQWiki, Wikia and yawiki

Does anyone have any comment on these?

I'm looking for something that :

+ is in active development

+ is mature


+ use files for storage

+ have skin/templates

PmWiki fills many of these requirements but I want to see if I
can find something have a better Markdown integration.


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