Markdown and Wikis

Allan Odgaard 29mtuz102 at
Fri Feb 23 06:02:33 EST 2007

On 21. Feb 2007, at 16:55, Shawn Medero |
Markdown| wrote:

> On 2/20/07, Jan Erik Moström <lists at> wrote:

>> I would like to have a wiki that uses Markdown as the markup

>> language (or something very close), I've currently used PmWiki

>> and I really like it but there are some problems with using

>> Markdown so I'm interested to see if there is an alternative

>> that works better for me.

> I'm curious as to what problems you've seen with Markdown+PmWiki. I've

> been using [Ben Wilson's cookbook entry for Markdown][1] and haven't

> _noticed_ any problems but I've likely been blind to the to issues.

I mentioned it previous on this list:
markdown-discuss at

In particular it doesn’t do block quotes (for me) nor <urls>. And of
course the lack of WikiWords support.

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