Make --html4tags the default?

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Wed May 2 23:32:51 EDT 2007

Le 2007-05-02 à 17:24, Allan Odgaard a écrit :

> Seeing how no-one should send application/xhtml+xml to the browser

> [1], and development of the HTML standard is again happening [2],

> it would make sense to have default to HTML tags.


> Maybe too late to change a default though.

I wouldn't change the default for the reasons John has enumerated.
But I wouldn't remove the configuration option so easily either so
people can still choose the HTML 4 syntax if they like. HTML 5
accepts both syntaxes as conformant in the current draft, a good
middle ground in my opinion.

> How does PHP Markdown and other implementations deal with this issue?

In the PHP Markdown file, there is a setting for this:

# Change to ">" for HTML output

You can also set it programatically on a per-parser basis for when
you instantiate your own parser object:

$parser = new Markdown_Parser;
$parser->empty_element_suffix = ">";

$html = $parser->transform($text);

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