Flat code block syntax

Lasar Liepins lasar at liepins.net
Wed Oct 10 09:34:49 EDT 2007


On 10.10.2007, at 04:41, Michel Fortin wrote:

> 3. Ignore the problem, stick with tilde alone. This obviously

> isn't optimal for everyone, but perhaps there is simply no

> solution that can be optimal for everyone.

I would get over it :) Personally, I wouldn't expect to be using
this syntax much anyway, I'll always prefer the indented syntax.
And it's not like I have to slaughter a chicken toget a tilde.

So unless a good alternative is found (on which I really don't
have an opinion, I'm not really "awed" by the proposed
alternatives), stick with the tilde.


Lasar Liepins
lasar at liepins.net

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