buggy HTML from nested lists w/ paragraphs

Tom Humiston tom at jumpingrock.net
Sun Apr 6 00:45:42 EDT 2008

I ran into a weird problem while writing my own little guide to
Markdown (using Markdown, of course). The document is mostly made of
list items in nested ul's. As I neared the end, I found (via
MarsEdit's preview) that in place of two sections of content,
Markdown had begun to generate gibberish strings like this:


After weeding through different sections of my text to find an
offending pattern (and even using TextWrangler to search for stray
Unicode and the like), I found that it seems to result from a
particular sequence, or type of sequence, involving headers, list
items, and paragraphs, regardless of their content.

With all non-offending content weeded out, and 'text(n)' substituted
for each line of actual content, I'm left with the text below, still
generating the two errors. Each line of code has a blank line above
it. Removing the blank lines or the final item, text13, is enough to
kill either or both of the errors, while removal of other items kills
one error or the other. (Removal of text8 kills neither, but I left
it in case it's helpful for diagnosing the problem.)

# text1

* text2

* text3


## text5

* text6

* text7


## text9

* text10

* text11



The versions of Markdown I'm running this through are version 1.0.1
of the Perl script from daringfireball, and whatever's included in
MarsEdit 2.1.3(1404).

Any ideas?

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