buggy HTML from nested lists w/ paragraphs

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Sun Apr 6 06:40:18 EDT 2008

On 6 Apr 2008, at 05:45, Tom Humiston wrote:

> I ran into a weird problem while writing my own little guide to

> Markdown (using Markdown, of course). The document is mostly made

> of list items in nested ul's. As I neared the end, I found (via

> MarsEdit's preview) that in place of two sections of content,

> Markdown had begun to generate gibberish strings like this:


> aa9ca05a7c006bc5e5c091c00aee0cd7


> After weeding through different sections of my text to find an

> offending pattern (and even using TextWrangler to search for stray

> Unicode and the like), I found that it seems to result from a

> particular sequence, or type of sequence, involving headers, list

> items, and paragraphs, regardless of their content.


> With all non-offending content weeded out, and 'text(n)'

> substituted for each line of actual content, I'm left with the text

> below, still generating the two errors. Each line of code has a

> blank line above it. Removing the blank lines or the final item,

> text13, is enough to kill either or both of the errors, while

> removal of other items kills one error or the other. (Removal of

> text8 kills neither, but I left it in case it's helpful for

> diagnosing the problem.)


> The versions of Markdown I'm running this through are version 1.0.1

> of the Perl script from daringfireball, and whatever's included in

> MarsEdit 2.1.3(1404).


> Any ideas?

Markdown 1.0.2b8 fixed this bug, as has Text::Markdown.

I'd recommend that you upgrade to one of these..

Various other implementations also get it right:



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