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Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Mon Feb 25 16:48:09 EST 2008

Am Montag, 25. Februar 2008 schrieb Florian Lindner:

> Hello,

> markdown (Python implementation) seems to render:


> ![alternativer text](pfad/und/eine lange/url zum bild.jpg)


> to


> <img src="pfad/und/eine" title="lange/url zum bild.jpg"

> alt="alternativer text"/>


> breaking the URL at the whitespace. AFAIK whitespaces are ok in URLs

> so why is it breaking up the URL here?


> Thanks,


> Florian

No, whitespaces are not ok, you should encode them as "%20" without the double
quotes. But I'd like to see an extension to Markdown that you could write:

![alternativer text]("pfad/und/eine lange/url zum bild.jpg" testtitle)

Which would be outputted as:

<img src="pfad/und/eine%20lange/url%20zum%20bild.jpg" alt="alternativer
text" title="testtitle" />

Milian Wolff
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