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Lasar Liepins lasar at liepins.net
Mon Feb 25 17:11:52 EST 2008


On 25.02.2008, at 22:38:17, Florian Lindner wrote:

> markdown (Python implementation) seems to render:


> ![alternativer text](pfad/und/eine lange/url zum bild.jpg)


> to


> <img src="pfad/und/eine" title="lange/url zum bild.jpg"

> alt="alternativer text"/>


> breaking the URL at the whitespace. AFAIK whitespaces are ok in URLs

> so why is it breaking up the URL here?

Yeah, I'd say the python implementation isn't expecting spaces in a
URL and in this case decides the rest of the URL belongs into the title.
Markdown.pl only does this when it encounters a ". It basically sees

![alternativer text](pfad/und/eine "lange/url zum bild.jpg")

But while we're finding bugs(?) with the image syntax, Markdown.pl
converts this to

<p>!<a href="pfad/und/eine lange/url zum bild.jpg">alternativer text</

And does so until all spaces are removed from the URL. Only then does
it get
rendered as <img>.

Arguably you could work around this by encoding all spaces as %20, but
then again
one might expect Markdown to do this.



_Lasar Liepins
lasar at liepins.net

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