Whitespace in img src

david parsons orc at pell.portland.or.us
Mon Feb 25 19:45:23 EST 2008

In article <nemoMon022508103428 at news.lrz-muenchen.de>,
Florian Lindner <markdown-discuss at six.pairlist.net> wrote:


>markdown (Python implementation) seems to render:


>![alternativer text](pfad/und/eine lange/url zum bild.jpg)




><img src="pfad/und/eine" title="lange/url zum bild.jpg"

>alt="alternativer text"/>


>breaking the URL at the whitespace. AFAIK whitespaces are ok in URLs

>so why is it breaking up the URL here?

Because spaces are how it separates the url from the title text?

I know the reference version doesn't do it that way, but wouldn't
the <> url wrappers be good for wrapping around urls that contain
wonky items? I ignored that behavior of the standard when I
wrote my markdown, and use <> as "wrap everything" for urls.

-david parsons

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