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Le 2008-02-29 à 6:35, Tomas Doran a écrit :

> On 29 Feb 2008, at 05:17, Michel Fortin wrote:


>>> ... And if keeps evolving (which it should), does

>>> this mean that we would now be on the hook for diffing

>>> code daily to find out what new features has become official?


>> That's how I've been keeping in sync with while it was

>> updated (diffing each release). This is practical only when the

>> code is kept pretty similar, as in PHP Markdown vs.


> I don't see that our community & spec being broken is a good reason

> for the reference implementation to not fix bugs.. However I do

> appreciate the pragmatism of what you're saying - I myself have done

> quite a lot of diffing in-between markdowns ;)

>> Hum, while it's difficult to spec Markdown because its author

>> doesn't seem so much interested, I think creating a spec for

>> Markdown Extra is possible. I could host it on my website,

>> alongside PHP Markdown Extra, and I could change PHP Markdown Extra

>> to fit that spec. It'll take some time to write though, and I'm not

>> sure in what form the grammar should be expressed, but I suppose it

>> could be done.


> I think that it *should* be done. If a community effort to write a

> spec / standardise emerges then I'm more than happy to join / make

> my code comply.

I'll try to come up with something in a few days. It'll be incomplete,
but we'll be able to discuss of the direction to take more clearly.

>> I'm maintaining MDTest for that. If anyone wants a new test case to

>> be added to MDTest, I'll gladly accept it. If anyone wants to

>> dispute one of MDTest's expected result, I'm open to discussion,

>> preferably on this list so that everybody can take part.


>> ...


> I've stolen this into Text::Markdown and Text::MultiMarkdown, but I

> think that some chunks of it fail (even though a lot works).


> I'll find some time to look back into it, and post to the list with

> my conclusions, as I've probably got a whole chunk of test cases

> that I want to add, and I'm all for a community maintained test

> suite of Markdown (and it's various dialects) :)

Great. Having more cases in the test suite will also help to write a
spec, as it'll highlight the edge cases and tell us how we want them
to be parsed.

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