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Fri Feb 29 11:36:57 EST 2008

On 29 Feb 2008 08:04:31 -0800, david parsons <orc at> wrote:


> What I'd love, too, is to see is to have the spec nailed down and

> blessed by John Gruber, at the very least so people don't have to

> trawl through markdown.discuss and 30 or so individual

> implementations to figure what the state of the art is. It's

> somewhat less ego-ridden than replacing the reference spec.

I wonder if it's even necessary to get Gruber's blessing. That is, if
the spec laid down a few principles from which Gruber created markdown
(which he's pretty explicit about in his web-available markdown
stuff), then we could have the "spirit of Gruber" in a policy-sense
and not have to rely on him to do anything (although he'd be welcome
to comment). Something like:

* A new feature shall not be added to Markdown [syntax|parser|etc]
unless it is intuitively readable in plain text.

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
UC Berkeley School of Information

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