spaces and newlines before list markers (was: evolving the spec)

Vinay Augustine vinay at
Fri Feb 29 18:39:40 EST 2008

> However, we should also consider that those might be "bugs" in the

> current spec, in the sense that simple, email-like writing gets turned

> into markup in cases where the users would not want or expect it. I

> think there are a few cases where Markdown is a bit trigger-happy.

> Numbered lists are one such things. My suggestion would be to

> actually restrict the range of what is turned into ordered lists,

> either by requiring that ordered lists start with "1.", or that they

> have at least two items with consecutive numbers, or even to require

> both. I frankly don't see a point in allowing the user to number

> their list items starting with an arbitrary number if those the list

> will start with "1." when displayed to the viewer anyway. But again,

> the idea is not to tighten the spec, but to find a solution for a

> "bug" that Joe described.


I can think of an obvious use-case against this: what if I type an
ordered list up, and then decide to cut & paste to re-order it or add
items to it? Now, in the optimal case I would want to go through and
change the numbering of all the elements. In the meantime, though, I
think it's great that I can rapidly reorder my list and markdown will
*do what makes sense*.


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