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>Does anyone have any toughts on how one should be using <video> &

><audio> with Markdown? Using the link or the img syntax?




> [a film](film.m4v)

> [an audio](audio.mp3)


>could create:


> <video src="film.m4v" controls><a href="film.m4v">a film</a></


> <audio src="audio.mp4" controls><a href="audio.m4v">an audio</a></


If I was going to do a [][] link extension for <video> and
<audio>, I'd do something like

[horrid html 5 video](video:http://example.dom/film.m4v)

to generate

<video src="http://example.dom/film.m4v">horrid html 5 video</video>

and if someone wanted to wrap an <a>, I'd force them to do

[[horrid html 5 video](http://example.dom/film.m4v)](video:http://example.dom/film.m4v)

(under the logic of "if you're going to want a quirks mode for
browsers that don't support html five, you're going to have to do
it yourself; <video> and <audio> won't be generally useful until
a critical mass of browsers support it, and when they do it won't
be particularly useful to have the backwards compatability. And
if I 'm going to embed a video link marked as video, I'd want to
just use the html that's appropriate for it.)

-david parsons

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