No Markdown in <div>s or <table>s ?

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Fri Apr 24 01:49:22 EDT 2009

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 22:23, david parsons <orc at> wrote:

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> Sherwood Botsford  <markdown-discuss at> wrote:


>>I'm sure there are situations where you DONT want markdown to process

>>what is inside block tags


>   In my case, the situations are pretty near all of them.   I've tossed

>   some extensions into discount so I can wedge <div> and <span> into

>   the text without actually having to write them, so the only reason I

>   use vanilla html is when I'm adding snippets of html from external

>   sources

That's a very good point. I wrote up a summary of the whole discussion at

IMO the best solution, as John Gruber suggested, is to implement
specific support for Markdown interpretation in HTML block-level

<div markdown="1">


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