No Markdown in <div>s or <table>s ?

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Fri Apr 24 01:23:28 EDT 2009

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Sherwood Botsford <markdown-discuss at> wrote:

>I'm sure there are situations where you DONT want markdown to process

>what is inside block tags

In my case, the situations are pretty near all of them. I've tossed
some extensions into discount so I can wedge <div> and <span> into
the text without actually having to write them, so the only reason I
use vanilla html is when I'm adding snippets of html from external
sources (like bikely route html, statcounter poop, or railroa
timetables) where I do not want to have them marked up.

Doing something like

> [... all of the picture goop ...]

(or however the other markdown implementations do their style hacks)
has the decided advantage that even though it does require that you
know about the styles you don't have to go back to html block
matching; markdown already has a "you're in this block until you fall
off the end" way of doing things, and (at least as far as I'm
concerned) it's a better bet to try and follow that than to twine
html more intimately than it already is.

-david parsons

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