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i'm told that typophiles consider "table of contents"
to be redundant, and that "contents" is sufficient...


at any rate, of course you will want to make sure that
the toc entries _link_ to their respective chapters, but
don't stop there, my friends. have the chapter headers
link _back_ to the contents page, to improve navigation.

and sometimes people want to "skim across" chapters,
so put a link on each chapter that goes to the next one.
and another link that goes to the previous one as well...

follow the same procedure for the table of illustrations.
and figures. and any other structure that's appropriate.

some of you will be inclined to dismiss this as overkill.

fine. be that way.

those of you who actually try it, and use it for a while,
will come to learn that it's really quite handy, and you
will continue using it forever, and be glad you tried it.


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