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Sherwood Botsford sgbotsford at
Thu Mar 5 13:03:34 EST 2009

The bird is right on this one. You want easy ways to navigate, and
multiple ones to navigate.

I *don't* think that markdown is the place for this however.

I find working even with Markdown to put a picture in a file is slow
and awkward. You want to avoid this level of detail while you are
You want to write, not tweak brackets and braces and such. Don't turn
MD into the mess that HTML is.

I think this is better approached by your page generating software.
Write your basic markdown.
Labelmaker goes through your markdown, and any header lines get an
auto generated label put before them to create an anchor.
Labelmaker is customized to look for sequences like ### Table and
##### Figure and do the right thing.

The previous-toc-next links are handled by your templating software.

Now you are just writing markdown.

the only thing I'd add to markdown would be a good mechanism for
resolving links externally, so that if you rename a file, you don't
have to back trace all the files that reference them. Again this
should be programmed. You put the link in normally the first time. A
program pulls the links out, puts a 'external reference link' tag in
markdown, and adds this to the external link. Ideally it's smart
enough taht if you reference something several times, it reuses the
tag. Now if you rename or move a file, you only have to fix it in the
single external links file.

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