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MultiMarkdown has the ability to generate such a ToC, complete with
links from the headers back to the ToC via the xhtml-toc.xslt file.

Strictly speaking, this file can be used by xsltproc on any XHTML
file, not necessarily one that was created by MMD.


On Mar 5, 2009, at 1:03 PM, Sherwood Botsford wrote:

> The bird is right on this one. You want easy ways to navigate, and

> multiple ones to navigate.


> I *don't* think that markdown is the place for this however.


> I find working even with Markdown to put a picture in a file is slow

> and awkward. You want to avoid this level of detail while you are

> writing.

> You want to write, not tweak brackets and braces and such. Don't turn

> MD into the mess that HTML is.


> I think this is better approached by your page generating software.

> Consider:

> Write your basic markdown.

> Labelmaker goes through your markdown, and any header lines get an

> auto generated label put before them to create an anchor.

> Labelmaker is customized to look for sequences like ### Table and

> ##### Figure and do the right thing.


> The previous-toc-next links are handled by your templating software.


> Now you are just writing markdown.


> the only thing I'd add to markdown would be a good mechanism for

> resolving links externally, so that if you rename a file, you don't

> have to back trace all the files that reference them. Again this

> should be programmed. You put the link in normally the first time. A

> program pulls the links out, puts a 'external reference link' tag in

> markdown, and adds this to the external link. Ideally it's smart

> enough taht if you reference something several times, it reuses the

> tag. Now if you rename or move a file, you only have to fix it in the

> single external links file.





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