Multi-Markdown meta tag behaviour.

Sherwood Botsford sgbotsford at
Fri Mar 6 11:02:49 EST 2009

I'll admit I'm a bit confused about how MMD handles meta-tags in the
document to control it's own behaviour.

I tried to turn off id tag generation.

[% USE MultiMarkdown %]
[% FILTER multimarkdown %]
heading_ids: 0

All I get is a line saying heading_ids: 0 in my output.
So this is the first line being handed MMD, and a blank line after.
Obvious I'm missing something in the syntax.

For now I've hacked the default, as I think I prefer it that way. But I can
see wehre overriding tags in the doc would be handy.

(id tags IMHO should be used sparingly as a means of formatting block
level elements)

Sherwood Botsford
Sherwood's Forests
Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0

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