Python-Markdown 2.0 Release Candidate

Waylan Limberg waylan at
Sun Mar 8 22:27:42 EDT 2009

I am pleased to announce that after much hard work, a Release
Candidate for Python Markdown version 2.0 is now available for
[download][]. Please, download it, install it, test it, beat it... and
report any [bugs][]. Assuming no major bugs, we will release 2.0 final
approximately one month from today. Until then, the project [site][]
will continue to document version 1.7. Updated documentation is
available in the `doc/` directory in the source files. Hopefully, all
the included extensions will be documented before the final release.


Release Notes:

* Major refactor of the core and extension API. Extension authors
should see the included documentation in
`docs/writing_extensions.txt`. All parts of the syntax are now
completely overridable by extensions.

* Numerous extensions added to the standard distribution (off by
default), including an "extra" extension which matches PHP Markdown
Extra. See the `markdown/extensions/` directory for the full list.

* The code has been refactored into a full Python library with a
separate command line script.

* Optional output of XHTML1 (default) or HTML4 with the option for
extensions to add more.

* Uses ElementTree to build (X)HTML document rather than home-grown NanoDom.

* Most of the differences in Python-Markdown's output compared to perl
and/or php have been eliminated.

* And much more... See the changelog and [Git log][] for more details.

[Git log]:

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Waylan Limberg

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