my scala markdown implementation

Christoph Henkelmann christoph-markdown at
Wed Dec 15 15:41:50 EST 2010


I have written my own implementation of markdown in Scala. I only later
realized there is already one
( <> ), but I put quite some
work into mine and I think it is never bad to have alternatives, so I
wanted to release it anyway. I want to use the same BSD License as the
original markdown, but before I put it out into the wild I wanted to ask
you guys a few questions:

1. I wanted to call the project "scala-markdown" (not very imaginative,
I know). However, I need John's permission to use the name "Markdown", I
think. Is he reading this list or can you get me in contact with him? Is
it OK to use that name? If not, I will of course come up with something

2. I have built a "Web Dingus" so my implementation can be previewed in
a browser. Again, is it a problem to call it "Scala-Markdown Web
Dingus"? I have also copied the cheat sheet that the PHP Markdown Dingus
and John's original Dingus display and wanted to ask if it is OK to
include that in my site. Otherwise I could write a new cheat sheet, but
it feels kinda redundant…

3. What is the current "official" test suite? I found one here:
<>, however that one is
GPL Licensed so I cannot include it in my project if I want to release
it under the BSD license. What is the best BSD-licensed test-suite I
could use?

@John Gruber: if you are reading this, I can provide you with an URL to
look at my implementation (source and web dingus). I did not make the
URL public yet, I first wanted to get approval for the naming issues.

Looking forward to your replies!



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