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Le 2010-12-15 à 15:41, Christoph Henkelmann a écrit :

> 3. What is the current "official" test suite? I found one here:

> <>, however that one is

> GPL Licensed so I cannot include it in my project if I want to release

> it under the BSD license. What is the best BSD-licensed test-suite I

> could use?

The only reason MDTest is GPL is because the test driver (mdtest.php) contains some GPL code from another source (the PHP Diff code). If you remove or replace the PHPDiff function at the bottom of the file, I give you permission to relicense it under BSD. It'd be better however if you get the permission from John Gruber too, as this code is based on his older MarkdownText implementation.

As for the test files included with MDTest, with this email I release the "PHP Markdown.mdtest" and "PHP Markdown Extra.mdtest" test suites from MDTest to the public domain (I'm the author of these files), so feel free to do what you want with them. The Markdown.mdtest test suite comes from Gruber's older MarkdownTest and are unmodified since then (except for some file extensions), so all you need is his permission.

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