File Extension Consensus

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Sun Nov 7 15:01:18 EST 2010

> why do we need a "standard" anyway?

for the same reason any file "needs" a descriptive extension --
so the humans will know something about that file's contents...

in this case, the need-to-know is that the file can be displayed
in a more esoteric and pleasing way if the human desires that...

and i would also suspect, at this time when the ordinary person
is totally unaware of markdown and its benefits, that consistent
use of an extension might well serve to prod the curiosity of the
more curious of the species, and thus help to spread the word...

myself, i'd be satisfied if our computers would auto-recognize
any markdown files and render them in the sophisticated style.

but it seems we've crippled our computers by making them so
dumb that they, too, rely on file-extensions, almost completely.

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