let's get this established, one way or the other, once and for all

Richard Caldwell nrc at offcamber.org
Sun Dec 4 23:50:06 EST 2011

> From: "Arno Hautala" <arno at alum.wpi.edu>

> Further, the "it's easy to ignore an email" is a bit reaching. With a

> web forum, users need to actively seek out topics to participate in.

> With an email list, everything is delivered to you and "ignoring" a

> topic requires specific action. If something is off topic it's

> annoying, especially if the posts are frequent, lengthy, and from the

> same source.

I've created an email filter to discard emails from people who make frequent, lengthy, posts that aren't of interest to me. It's not hard to do with most email clients. I think that's the best course since this list is not moderated and complaining about such posts is only going to generate even more lengthy and uninteresting messages.

Just a suggestion.

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