let's get this established, one way or the other, once and for all

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Sun Dec 4 22:49:57 EST 2011

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> at any rate, i suggest you stick around and see how the vote

> turns out.  i don't think it's necessary that either of us leave.

I think at least part of the issue is this mentality that seems to
imply that this is _your_ list.

Looking back over some of the archives, I see a fair number of threads
that you've started that either don't receive any replies, only
receive replies from you, or receive a variety of replies, but non
further from you. That's not the only pattern, but at least in my
mind, this contributes to the "rambling soliloquy". Rambling might be
strong, but it certainly has a feel of talking to yourself.

Further, the "it's easy to ignore an email" is a bit reaching. With a
web forum, users need to actively seek out topics to participate in.
With an email list, everything is delivered to you and "ignoring" a
topic requires specific action. If something is off topic it's
annoying, especially if the posts are frequent, lengthy, and from the
same source.

> how the vote turns out.

Who are you to call a vote anyway?
The list doesn't have moderators (that I'm aware of).
The only vote should be on your end. If people don't appreciate your
posts, and no one asks for more, find a new venue that is interested.

But, whatever. I'm usually content ignoring posts. My biggest
complaint is your lack of capitalization.

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