John R. Rambo jrambo001 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 12:57:49 EST 2011

I have subscribed to this list for about a month now.

I am just a MarkDown user; new to it. Using it within *Ema Personal Wiki &
Epistle* for Android.

I am not trying to implement this cool little light language into an app I
am developing; maybe someday.

I signed up because I thought I might get some MarkDown use tips.

*I have learned nothing from this list.*

I have witnessed a lot of bitching (which I guess you could accuse me of
now) and in-fighting. Adults acting like children.

I just read a long post about how "no one is listening to me...."

Waah. Waah.

Probably going to unsubscribe; so far all of these emails have just been

I hope to gather some useful knowledge on this little light markup
language. I suspect I'll not find it here. Sad.

Save your flames, I'll not engage, I'll just unsubscribe & go sit at the
big-people's table.


-- John R. Rambo
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