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Fri Jul 8 17:33:50 EDT 2011

christoph said:

> Look at iA Writer by infomationarchitects.jp

i did. i am unimpressed, to say the least.

i will note one redeeming quality, which is that
tim o'reilly gave it a blurb, saying that he didn't
know how he lived without a text editor till now.
so it gets a brownie point for that enlightenment.

equally boggling is a blurb from erik spiekermann.

nevertheless, i remain unimpressed. sorry.


> https://github.com/fletcher/MMD-Edit/downloads

i get no preview... presumably because i do not
have multimarkdown installed... however, i also
assume that won't be required on actual release.


rob said:

> http://hashify.me/

> from David Chambers has some of this.

very impressive. clean-looking, and super-fast,
and it handled the test-suite which i threw at it...

based on showdown, which i also admired greatly.

it seemed unable to generate a u.r.l. for the suite,
likely because it was "too big" (albeit a mere 25k),
and "view source" provided me with no .html, but
i assume the tool is doing what it's supposed to do
in its young life, and such improvements will follow.

meanwhile, it was able to handle mini-files:

> http://bit.ly/qrMVLy

> http://bit.ly/n8AOQQ

does anyone have a suggestion for a test-suite?


so no one here looked at afkwriter? it's fairly good,
in its beta form. but i haven't heard any news on it.

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