php-markdown-extra-extended - my humble attempt at extending php-markdown

Egil Hansen egil at
Wed Jul 13 04:12:05 EDT 2011

Dear all,

I have used Markdown via Drupal a few months now, with a customer site
and my currently my own blog and based on that practical experience I
wanted to add some extra functionality to PHP Markdown Extra, so out
of this grow my (extended) weekend project

The big missing item right now that I would like to implement is the
ability to add classes to block and span elements. My basic idea is to
use a syntax like this: {some class}

I have been playing with some basic ideas for the syntax in this file
but it is far from done:

I have looked through some of the archives on the mailing list, and
have not seen this discussed before, so would love some input.

In general, any input on my extension to PHP Markdown is welcome. This
project is also a chance for me to practice regex (my regex-fu is
weak), so please keep the regex-mocking to a minimum; I know it will
be hard :)

Thanks, Egil.

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