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Tue Jun 7 00:09:41 EDT 2011

mandaris said:

> I'm had no intention of causing disrespect

> or to diminish the value of your work.

thanks mandaris. i didn't take it that way.
i have pretty thick skin. even lou quillio's
snide comment about "auto-complete cruft"
made me laugh. birds take ourselves lightly.

> I was just stating that it's unsafe to

> click a link and then download a file

> from some person out of the blue.

i appreciate your take. i've been on this list
years now, but that might not be the point...

if you -- or edwin -- don't want to download,
i'm fine with that.

> The email started off with the title

> "fried fish, available, for free"

that was a little joke based on a prior thread,
where i said i didn't really need to get involved,
because i had "my own fish to fry" -- meaning
this very program which i was working to finish.

but if you missed that post, then you wouldn't
have known the inside joke. sorry about that...

> and has a link to

a jaguar is a wild feline, not a fish.

> Seemed a little... fishy.

i took your line about "fishing" as a comment
on that, since that's usually spelled "phishing".

but again, i have a sense of humor about myself.

> Anyway, I hope that you continue with

> your project and sharing with the world.

you betcha, mandaris. :+)


edwin said:

> LInk doesn't render!

sure it does. it's just that the page has
5 screenshots on it, so it's slow to load,
since dreamhost ain't known for speed.

> I'm scared of downloads from unknown sources.

guess you'll just have to live without it then... ;+)

seriously, at some point down the line,
i'll put a copy up for sale in the mac store,
for people willing to pay for ensured safety.


lou said:


wikipedia is alright, but if you really want to
know about bowerbirds, you should definitely
visit the national geographic site instead, ok?

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