Data loss issue: Adjacent List Types

Alan Hogan alanhogan at
Mon Jun 13 16:02:55 EDT 2011

If you don't mind me reviving this issue, I just thought of another use case in which this bug, in its augmented definition that includes different list type markers, could rear its head.

Consider this source document:


Pros and Cons:

+ Tasty
+ Can sell wings and hooves as well as meat
+ Only I know where to find them (obscene profits!)

- Endangered
- Hard to market as most people will believe to be a hoax


The output document, in current Markdown implementations of course, will merge these lists.

While of course it would be naive to expect the output document to show plus sign markers,
any human would naturally parse the above input as two separate lists (pros and cons, respectively, of selling unicorn meat), and the output will not match that. Minimally the output should be two ULs. For bonus points, attach a class to indicate the flavor of unordered list: `list-plus`, `list-hyphen`, `list-asterisk`.

Alan Hogan
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